One counseling technique

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Report of OneCounseling Technique
Wilfredo Perez
1- Empty Chair Technique: From the Affective Counseling Model
“The Empty Chair Technique deals with the client’s relationship within himself. Theobject/person in chair is a problem that the client has. The client imagines his/her problem in the chair and has a conversation with the object/person to figure out how to solve the client’s problemwith guidance of the therapist” (p.162).
The Empty chair Technique is one of various ways in which Gestalt Therapy can be applied but used by counselor from a wide range of orientations. The emptyChair Technique was developed and popularized be Frederick Pearls.
Process: The chairs are separated about three feet away and the client must imagine vividly the person or object with one you want toresolve a conflict. There are people, objects (car, wedding ring), part of your personality (critical parent, introversion, obsession with work), any of your emotions, symptoms, headaches, fatigue),a stereotype (blacks, Macho males) and so on that you can imagine in the empty chair. You should shift back and forward between chairs. This “conversation” clarifies your feeling and reactions to theother persons and increases your understanding. The counselor begins that this is imaginary conversation with oneself or with a specific person who is involved in the client’s problem. The counselorwill observe and ask questions or share observations. Then define who will be in the conversation. The counselor must recognize the potential conflicts in order to define the elements of the dialogue.Advantages: Through this process, client will come to an understanding about how imaginary person will be thinking about some issues. Client will come out with new behaviors in the supportiveenvironment of the therapy. The client feels capable of dealing with surprises he encounters in every deal life.
Goals: To treat a wide range of psychosomatic disorder like migraine, colitis and neck...
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