One piece flow exercise

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One Piece Flow training exercise

See Enhancements to this simulation below the instructions and the Charts:


300 to 500 3” x 5” Index Cards
Blue / Black ink pens (enough for everyone)
5 Red ink pens (enough for 1 per team)
1 Stopwatch per team
Flip Chart : (one diagram per team)

Lot SizeGood



Lead Time

Total Time

Instructions to class:

The product that we make is Finished Index Cards. In order for an index card to be finished it must have the names of the entire team in the same color written on the card.

WIP is a card with only some of the names on the card.

Scrap has all one colornames except there is also a red name on the card.

The last person on the “line” is the inspector.

Use only the member’s first names and try to eliminate major bottle-necks (ex: Alexandria should be Alex, etc.)

Your inspector should continuously look at the Quality of the finished product.
You can have fun with this.
One Piece Flow training exercise

Page 2

The Facilitator’srole:

If you have more than 7 – 8 people you should break them into 2 or more groups.
If you have an odd number people then get one to help with the timing and counting of the 2nd team.

Start with a batch size of 5 cards.

The only rule is that each person must wait until the next person passes along their cards before they can pass their cards along.

Usually the 2nd or 3rdperson in each group is given a red pen. (Make sure the pens write correctly.)

During the exercise the Facilitator says “start making scrap at the same time in the run see below.”

The person with the red pen then uses the red pen until the final inspector detects the defective cards and tells the team to “stop making scrap.” The operator with the red pen then goes back to using the normalcolor.

The Facilitator uses the stopwatch to determine Lead-Time. The Lead time for a batch of 5 is when the first batch of 5 cards is set to the side by the Final Inspector.

The Facilitator must determine the Total time from the batch of 5 and that Total time must remain constant.

Batch size should then be reduced from 5 to 3 and then from 3 to 1 following the same procedure every time.The Premise:

The premise of the exercise assumes that there is no change from batch to batch except the size of the batch.

The exercise assumes that when abnormalities / defects are discovered at final inspection that they are corrected.

The chart should look like this when done:

One Piece Flow training exercise

Page 3

5 3 1Lot Size

Good 5 25 33

WIP 20 10 5

Scrap 15 5 2

Lead Time 3:30 1:45 :40

Total Time 4:00 4:00 4:00

TOTAL PIECES: 40 40 40

Items to pointout:

1. Autonomation (Correct the issue/problem/defect when it is detected).

2. Dramatic changes when lot size changes.

3. Total parts (pieces) are similar in each run.

4. If pertinent, emphasize what happens when someone “knocks it out of synch.”

Enhancements to the Simulation by Jim Bradley Revision date: 2/10/05

I have enhanced this simulation in the followingway.


I am the owner of the company and I am very smart, in fact so smart that I don’t need the input of any of my operators for improvement……. Yet.

I am a traditional manager and have set my plant up in a traditional manner. Operations 1-5 should be set up so that there are crossing paths and material handlers have to come in contact with each other to move product.

I have a...
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