Onion cells lab report

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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2010
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Onion Cells:
Aim of the experiment:
The aim of the experiment is to learn more about how cells look like. And also how do they look like when you put ink on it.
Safety precautions:
 Use a labcoat.
 Be very careful with breakable materials (a coverslide, a glass container, etc.
 Do not touch break glass.
 Carry the microscope with both hands.
 Never aim the microscope´s mirrordirectly to the sun light.
 Do not put the microscope´s lenses too close to the experiment.
 Always hold the microscope slide with the clips on the microscope.
 All women have to wear a ponytail.Introduction:
Research question:
How do onion membrane cells look like when they are magnified, with and without ink?
The single eye cannot see the particles of an onion´s cellmembrane, but the microscope can. Cells make the cell membrane so in this experiment we´ve seen the cells of an onion cell membrane. Cells are the basic unit of life so what we´ve seen is alive.Hypothesis:
There is a huge difference between the membrane cells seen by the unaided eye than the magnified one, with and without ink.

 The ink is not well put.
 The microscope slide isdirty.
 The microscope does not turn on.
 The light source doesn´t work.
 The microscope wheels are bolted.
 The onion is rotten.
 The onion cell membrane was broken.
 The cover slide brokedown.
 The microscope slide broke down.
 The membrane folds and wrinkles.

Data collecting and processing:
Method: (Procedure)
 Put the onion fragment on the microscope slide, put a drop ofwater on it and cover it with the cover slide.
 Turn on the microscope.
 Put the slide on the microscope and hold it with the clips.
 See the onion fragment with the three differentmagnifications and write observations.
When observing: adjust the adjusting wheel in order the cell membrane to be focused to see the fragment.
Data collection:
 The onion membrane is very delicate so it...
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