Online marketing foundation

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I. ONLINE MARKETING ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS 1.1 Overview The online marketing is a strategic area inside the e-business model, with the main purpose to facilitate andguarantee the online business profitability, strengthening sales operations and commercial offers, through internet techniques and the use of digital channels to promote traffic, implementation of practicalfunctions, feedback and foster customer loyalty. The online marketing management is base over the principles of the one to one marketing. The e-marketing utilizes the internet to carry out a directmarketing management with the objective to put in contact with potential customers, converting them into current and profitable customers, and finally fostering customer loyalty. A huge benefit from thee-marketing is that generation of value, not only for online transactions through shop conversion functions, but also generates value and benefits for offline transactions, by promoting andpositioning the brand on the internet. The most powerful advantage is the low cost, a broad capture of target. El ámbito de gestión del marketing online incluye desde la gestión de contenidos, relacionespublicas online, servicing online, ventas online y el empleo del CRM online (eCRM), teniendo como beneficio ser el canal con mayor cercanía con el cliente. As the traditional marketing is bases on 4 P’s,the online marketing is based on 4 F’s, that are fundamentals in the commercial part of an e-business model:  Flow: Is the mental status when an Internet user enter in a website that offers aexperience full of interactive and value added services, that maintain the interest and keep the will to continue exploring and navegate the website. Functionality: If the user entes in the flow, is in theway to be captured, the website must have enought functionalities to keep the visitant in the flow. The functionalities have the objetive to maintain the visitant’s interest, increasing the will to...
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