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This PDF slide deck contains slides with animation. It is recommended that the deck is viewed alongside the accompanying October 2011 Master Class webinar: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/907493912 September 2011 Master Class recording here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/124944433

NetScaler Master Class
October 2011
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• NetScaler 101 – Global Server Load Balancing
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NetScaler 101
Global Server Load Balancing
Snorre Brandt Hansen System Engineer, Citrix Systems

• Global Site Load Balancing (GSLB) Use Cases
• Control data traffic work load to one or more Data Centre • Disaster Recovery, Scalability and End User Experience

• GSLBBasic Concepts?
• Metric Exchange Protocol (MEP), GSLB DNS Methods, GSLB Persistence, GSLB Configurations, GSLB Entity Relationship

• GSLB Configuration
• How to configure?

GSLB Use Cases
• Disaster Recovery

• Scalability
• End User Experience

Global Server Load Balancing Concepts
The GSLB function:

• Load balances service between geographically distributed locations
• Operatesunder many of the same general prinicples as load balancing but relies on DNS for directing client requests • Distribution of network traffic across multiple sites

• Distribution of server load across multiple sites
• Disaster recovery

DNS Query/Response
1. DNS Query / Response 2 .Metric Exchange Protocol 3. HTTP Traffic

Clients DNS Server

GSLB Site 1

GSLB Site 2DataCenter 1

DataCenter 2

GSLB DNS Methods
The NetScaler system can be configured to respond to DNS queries in the following ways: • Authoritative Domain Name Service (ADNS)

• Domain Name Server (DNS) Proxy
• DNS Sub-delegation

Metric Exchange Protocol (MEP)
• Is the NetScaler system internal protocol to exchange state and health information over a TCP session • Is not encrypted •Communicates through site metrics, network metrics and persistence information • Is enabled by default • MEP between GSLB Site IPs on TCP port 3011 (3009 secure)

GSLB & LB Entities

GSLB Entities summarized

MEP Exchange
• Specify MEP exchange parameters
• MEP Exchange • Network MEP (RTT) • Persistence

• Specify Trigger monitors
• Always • MEP Down • MEP Down – Svc Down

GSLBMonitoring Configuration

Authoritative DNS Service (ADNS)
• NetScaler can have single or multiple ADNS
• Each instance listens on a different IP address • All instances are referencing the same name table

• An ADNS service is a local LB service type listening on incoming DNS requests on port 53 UDP

Configuring ADNS
• The domain alias must be bound to the GSLB virtual server • AnAuthoritative DNS service must be added for the required addresses with the domain

GSLB Configurations
• Implementing Traditional GSLB
• Implementing Proximity-based GSLB • Proximity Loadbalancing Methods
• Dynamic network proximity • Round Trip Time • Static Proximity

GSLB Persistence
•Site persistence ensures that LDNS requests are sent to the same site and are not load balanced •Cookie-basedpersistence and connection proxy allow setting HTTP level persistence

Implementing Traditional GSLB
Load-balancing methods typically used on the NetScaler system are: • Least connections (default) • Round robin and weighted round robin • Least response time • Least bandwidth • Least packets • Source IP hash

Implementing Proximity-based GSLB
Proximity load balancing allows for a faster...
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