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  • Publicado : 19 de marzo de 2011
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How to Install & Configure Openfiler O/S as ISCSI Storage box
Requirements :
1) Virtual Machine or Physical machine
2) 1 Harddisk for Openfiler operating system
3) Additional 1 or 2 harddisks forISCSI storage
4) Openfiler 2.3 Software
Creating Virtual Machine for openfiler
1) Right click on ESX Server/ Workstation and Select New VM
2) Select Typical
3) Provide Name for the VM
4) SelectDatastore for VM
5) Select operating System as Linux and Version as Redhat enterprise Linux 5
6) Select the size of Harddisk for openfiler
7) Review summary and click on Finish
8) Edit VMSettings
9) Select CD/DVD Drive and select the appropriate option and click on OK
Installation of Openfiler Operating system
1) Power on VM and boot from CD or Openfiler ISO Image
2) Open filerinstallation screen appears and press Enter Key
3) It prompts a dialog box to verify CD, choose appropriate option
4) Click on Next Button
5) Select Autopartion for harddisk
6) It prompts dialog box SelectYes
7) Select appropriate option and click on Next
8) Verify partitions and click on Next
9) Edit the Network device configuration and assign IP Address
10) Enter the openfiler hostname
11)Enter Default gateway and DNS settings
12) Select the appropriate time zone
13) Provide Password for root useraccount
14) Click on Next
15) After installation of OS click on reboot
Adding Harddisksto VM for ISCSI Storage purpose
1) Select Openfiler VM
2) Click on Edit Settings
3) Add 1 or 2 harddisks with the required capacity
Configuring Openfiler Application
1) Make sure openfiler is on2) Open Internet Explorer on any of the client or on your PC
3) Type https://: 446
4) Enter username : openfiler and password : password
Identifying & Configuring Block devices (AdditionalHarddisks)
5) Click on Volumes and click on Block devices ( Right Side)
6) It displays List of harddisks
7) Click on the non configured disk (/dev/sdb)
8) Scroll down and Select partition type as...
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