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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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Opinion about the Video „Staple foods missing from food bank shelves

I will try to explain my point of view of the video because at the first moment for me it seems to be that my opinion is alittle bit splitted in more than one position.
At first I will remember that a lot of persons are using the bank food and so the background seems to be that a lot of people needs their help because theyare hungry and haven’t enough money to buy food in the supermarket. So for these people are these organisations very useful and I agree with the sense for help.
It is very important for example forchildren that they are able to eat good food for to grow up in a good physical way. So in general I would say that I agree with the idea for helping people but for me at first it is more import tothink about the problems that are going along with the idea of food bank. As a problem, for example, I can imagine that there are not only people going to the food bank who are really addicted from foodbank. I think that there are also a lot of lazy persons who don’t want to work and they are in the opinion that it is much better for them to stay at home and go to the food bank because of the cheapfood. Also there are people who like to spend their money more in other stuff like activities, technology or something like this and in my opinion it is not that fair that some families really try toearn money and they really have problems with money and buying food in food bank because of this and other families actually would have money for to buy food in the supermarket but they don’t careabout, spend money more for technology etc. and they are going to buy food in bank food. In my point of view these people are capitalizing the organisation within all the people who donate money and food.I know that my following thought might be difficult to handle in the whole world but for me it seems to be a better solution that there is a request to the people all over the world for to think...