Opinion of the poem “for the journalists in yom kipur”

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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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First of all I do not know whether this poem is a prayer or not. In any case I think it is a cynic and sarcastic statement. In case it is a pray it is worst because for me it is a completely lack ofrespect to publish something so sacred to many people for whatever reason that they could have had.
The title is a bit confusing because it says: for the journalists, so you can think it is writtenjust for the journalist to read it, but afterwards you read that it was published on September of 2006, so that means that they wanted the audience, us, to read it. When you read it you see that onejournalist, is supposelly representing all of the others and is apologizing for all the things they did as journalists that provoked any kind of discomfort to us, the readers.
In a few words, I knowthat Yom Kipur is a very important date to Jewish community all over the world; it is a day in which people ask god for forgiveness, people redeem their sins. That is beautiful but I think the case ofthe journalists makes the beautifulness of this day disappear.
According to what they wrote in the poem they have sinned a lot, and have caused a lot of damage to many people. They said they feelvery guilty, otherwise they would not ask for forgiveness, but why getting to this point? It is not better just to not sin instead of committing all kind of damages and then say I am sorry? How can theydare to say all of this things using religion? It is like saying: I am sorry but that would not keep me from doing it again. Why should people forgive them? What they did to deserve theirforgiveness? Just by saying I am sorry? They never actually say they will never do it again!
To conclude I just think that I would prefer they did not publish it, I do not see the point of publishing it, justmake me feel worst to know they DO recognize their mistakes and even though they do not do anything to really change them, so it is just pointless. I would like them not to cause damage to people in...
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