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You should go in the hospital.
I should eat healthy in my house.
She should teach to drive her car.
He should travel around in the world.
Maria should ride her bycle.German should take a taxi, it’s a raining.
Francisco should take a rest.
I should do my homework now.
He should visit Cancun city.
You should run every day.


You shouldn’t go in thisparty, it’s a raining.
She shouldn’t drive when she are beer.
He shouldn’t smoke in front of the baby.
We shouldn’t play in the class of math
I shouldn’t fail the exam of English
You shouldn'twork so much. You look tired.
You shouldn't listen to music in class
They shouldn't say that word.
They shouldn't arrive late in their house
I shouldn’t watch so much TV.


Shouldthey go to the beach the weekend?
Do you think I should take that car?
Should he rest on Monday?
Should she drink a cola?
Should we talk him in this moment?
Should she ride a horse?
Should hevisit his family in this summer?
Should they play soccer now?
Should you give your computer to other person?
Should you pay have dinner tomorrow?

1. Could we finish thebook this year?
2. She said that she could be there by noon.
3. We could have come earlier.
4. No one could translate that sentence.
5. I could have sent it by air mail.
6. I couldlisten to music.
7. She could work again.
8. Lucia could write faster.
9. Tomas could travel in Spain.
10. We could break this table.
1. I couldn't come to the lastclass.
2. She couldn't carry the suitcase
3. We couldn’t run in this road.
4. Shakira couldn’t sing because she was tired.
5. American couldn’t win to the Mexican insoccer.
6. Luis couldn’t receive call in your mobile.
7. Carla couldn’t access in her computer.
8. They couldn’t talk in silence in the office.
9. We couldn’t print our...
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