Oposite sex

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2010
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“The Opposite Sex”

If I were the opposite sex, If I would be a man, for a day. I will have to change all of my organization skills, the match-match and the accessorizing. Being a man for a daywould mean competing, or fighting for what I want, usually physically. I would mean to be active in sports, several. I would mean that I couldn’t cry, and I will be called a wimp allot.
I would meanthat I would provide for those who I love (family). A man is designed or raised to be the provider to maintain the house. Or now days to be the one with bigger income in the house hold. I also meancarrying less…It would be more normal for a man to remain single, and he won’t be judge or called crazy if he isn’t married. Men are supposed to be independent and free from the command of other people(usually he’s family and Wife). If one thinks I would like, of being a man, is that the man is the one who “decides” if he wants a girl, he does and does the asking, and goes to pursue what hewants. A man also when the relationship is terminated, everyone thinks he’s okay, and isn’t taking pity of him, no excuses, he friends aren’t telling him that “She is just not that into you”.
Somethingthat I wouldn’t like is I couldn’t be emotional, society tells us that men don’t cry, whatever his position, a man must manage without regard to the emotional effect that issues have on him. Theability not to show personal feelings lets men to have an open objective view of the circumstance and carry on.
Men are seen to rely on their intellectual capabilities rather than on emotion or intuition,and sometimes I think that, that is why men are still successful today. Utilization of reason and logic lets men to view situations objectively and respond to them in a good way.
In interpersonalrelationships, men are able to adopt leadership roles and take the initiative to act on the other’s behalf. Society sees men as authoritarians, that’s why most of the important roles in society are...
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