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Copper Canyon with Chepe Train Take an adventure into a fascinating environment where you'll experience extraordinary views of the forest, the evergreen mountains and the immense cliffs. Embrace the culture of one of the most traditional ethnic groups of Mexico, the Tarahumara, ...
Chihuahua City Tour Description Tour:
Enjoy your stay in Chihuahua to the fullest with this three hour tour takingyou to downtown's main attractions. You will visit the Francisco Villa House Museum, also known as Quinta Luz or Casa de Villa, where this Mexican Revolutionary hero lived ...
Chihuahua at NightDescription Tour:
The nights in Chihuahua are worth experiencing. Take advantage of this three hour nighttime tour that will show you amazing monuments lit up throughout the city. Enjoy the colorfullights that decorate places such as the Palacio de Gobierno (City Hal...

Tour Nombre de Dios Caves and Quintas Carolina
Description Tour:
Venture into the core of the mountains of Chihuahua and discover all of the amazing stalactites, stalagmites and columns on display in the Nombre de Dios Caves. Here you will explore underground tunnels filled with naturally formed shapes resembling ...
Tourto Santa Eulalia Mines
Description Tour:
Join us in discovering an enchanting mining town situated roughly 20 minutes from Chihuahua's state capital. This tour allows you to visit the site where the city of Chihuahua was originally founded over 300 years ago. We will also get to see an auth...
Tour to Coyame Caves
Description Tour:
Discover the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations atCoyame Caves. Located just a few minutes from the town of Coyame in the Chihuahua desert, these caves are the perfect setting for a great adventure. While you are walking through these s...\

Chihuahua's Cathedral
Chihuahua's Cathedral is considered one of the best examples of baroque in the north of Mexico and was built with pink quarry stone. This large church is a three-nave building, wheretwo identical towers, each 131 feet high, and an impressive dome resembling the ones from Saint Peter's Basilica stand out. The Cathedral took about 100 years to build, since construction was stopped during the war with the Apaches and Comanches and all funds were allotted to the war.
Once inside the Cathedral, you can admire the big altars made of quarry stone and Carrara marble, its spectacularinterior highlighted with Venetian crystal chandeliers, as well as an immense German organ, one of the best of its kind. Worthy of mention is the chapel that houses an image of the Black Christ of Mapimi, which was previously housed in the city's first temple located in this same spot.

Museum of the Revolution Also called the Luz Country Estate or the Villa House, this is the mansion whereGeneral Francisco Villa's wife, Luz Villa, lived until her death. The building was subsequently donated to make a museum dedicated to the Mexican Revolution. This old country house has two floors, a basement, a central courtyard and a backyard, where Villa ran his headquarters from. The museum displays documents, weapons, photographs, furniture and many other objects related to that time, which willgive the visitors an idea about Francisco Villa's life and how events took place during the revolutionary period.

Puerta de Chihuahua Chihuahua's Door is a fabulous metal monument that features a composition of red geometric shapes and it is a masterpiece by a famous local sculptor known as Sebastian. This sculpture is one of the tallest in the world and is located in the southern part of thecity, on the highway that leads to the town of Delicias. Chihuahua's Door is one of the most renowned symbols in the city. You have to visit it and see it with your own eyes!
There is nothing better than sightseeing around the city of Chihuahua in a quaint little trolley. If you want the city experience, the trolley is known as 'El Tarahumara,' which resembles a train car from the early...
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