Optimal way to learn a language

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2010
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“Why should I study abroad?”

A. Optimal way to learn a language.
I think that the most effective way to learn a language is to practice constantly, we need to designate a small part ofeach day, also I think that is very important what we use the language and put into practice. Doesn’t matter of how much you know about the language and don’t be afraid about make mistakes, it is theright way to learn a language easily.
B. Provides the opportunity to travel.
It could be that one of us wants to study abroad and something like economic issues doesn’t permit us to get theopportunity. Actually, some universities or companies have agreements to support students with academic scholarships, so if you are interested in performing the experience, nothing is impossible.C. Allows you get to know another culture first-hand.
This is a very important point about the fantastic experience of studying abroad, you will learn the traditions and customs about newculture, and also, you will adopt the ability to interact with people who has another point of view or different ideas. When you will search for a job in the future this will be a great benefit foryou on the other person who aspires to the same job as you.
D. Helps you develop skills and gives you experiences a classroom setting will never provide.
As I said in the last point, if youhave this experience you will adopt new skills and benefits over the other people who didn’t have the opportunity to take this experience, for example, you will be able to develop a project andintroduce it in abroad easily because you will know the customs, traditions and the laws there.
E. Affords you the opportunity to make friends around the world.
I think it is a great opportunityto meet people around the world and become a friend with them. Also, I think we will be able to understand easily how thinks and acts our closest friends to avoid or solve problems that may arise.
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