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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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He was short, stubby, with dark brown eyes behind square shaped glasses, earplugs, and a big white smile. Jose was that guy I met on an unbearably hot summer day atthe beach in Cabo Rojo. After talking for a while and checking out the gorgeous view, we exchanged phone numbers and from there developed a friendship.
Everyone notices the big ,unimportant things in life, but very few stop to look at the small, simple, yet extremely important things. Jose knew how to value my friendship ever since the first time I offeredit to him, making me realize how many people actually take sincere, wholesome others for granted. Also, he seems to focus more on my assets rather than my flaws, always making anygloomy day turn into a bright one. Jose has made me look at life in a much more positive way, he has taught me how to take one thing at a time when my mind seems to be going twosteps ahead than what it should be.
Jose is a true believer of faith; faith in yourself. He encourages me into believing that I am good enough and that nobody can tell me thecontrary. I learned from him that you need to have faith in knowing what you want and not stopping to reach your goals and making your dreams come true.
His philosophies in life havecaused a great impact on me. I have actually stopped and taken a moment to ponder what was wrong in my life. I tended to be very pessimistic and thought that only bad things wouldhappen to me. He made me realize that when you are going through the path of good, bad things try to take over you and stop you. It is mesmerizing how a guy I casually metinfluenced my life so much. I now see things differently and got involved in trying to help those who felt that they were lost. I am eternally grateful to Jose.
By: Barbara Muriente
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