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Optimización de los Ingresos en la Hotelería
Prof. Oskar Palavicini

Synergy between Revenue & Costumer Relationship Managements

Revenue Management is defined asallocating the right capacity to the right costumer at the right time at the right price in order to maximise revenue yield; its practice emphasis on capacity, time and that any referene to the right costumer is specified only by their ability to pay the hotelier’s best price.

It is thought that the implementation of revenue management prohibits the developement of a Costumer Relationship Management with its significant rewards, the increasingly efficient way that companies have of understanding andresponding to their costumer’s needs and preferentes seemingly allows them to guild more meaningful connections which promise to benefit the bottom line.

The síntesis of RM and CRM is truly synergetic and to date largely ignored and, in turn, adds real value for all stakeholders. Revenue management is used arbitrarily to rouge the best price out of a costumer, yet it is important taht costumer retention be included; Maximising revenue today has little value if it drives off tomorrow’scostumers.

This will be achieved by the intelligent and selective use of costumer information, which will have major implications for long-term strategies and competitive dynamics. “The costumer is in charge in the new World disorder, that is why revenue maximisation must start with the costumer viewpoint.” Dieter Huckestein (1997).

Costumer relationship management is based on two economic arguments. One: It is more expensive to win a new costumer that it is to retain an existing costumer. [continua]

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