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We are in the park.
You are in the church. WAS

I was in the office last night.
We were on the street.
BECOME John becomes dog in the night.
She becomes a wolf in themorning. BECAME John became dog in the night.
She became wolf in the morning.
BREAK We break the glass
They break the plate of soup BROKE I broke my boyfriend's letter.
She broke the gift wrap.COME We come to English class.
John and Peter come to my house today. CAME Maria came up to my aunt.
The police came to the class.
DO You do the task of English.
We do the cleaning on Mondays. DID Idid lunch on Sunday.
She did the food yesterday.
DRAW We draw the cow.
I draw portraits. DREW We drew lucas's house last night.
I drew the landscape yesterday.
DRIVE They drive the car ofpotatoes.
I drive the bike Juan.
Do I drive the bike Juan?. DROVE He drove very well yesterday the red car.
Did he Drove very well yesterday the red car?
EAT We eat hamburgers at night.
You eatvegetables at lunch. ATE I ate chicken for lunch.
Jorge ate fish food.
FIND They find rocks in the sea.
We find money in your wallet. FOUND I found a dollar.
We found an apple yesterday.
GET Where didyou get that piano?.
Where did you get that piano?. GOT I got very good results.
We got a phone call.
GO They go to college.
Do They go to college?. WENT She went to the boyfriend yesterday.Did she went to the boyfriend yesterday.
GROW Children grow very fast.
She grows more than normal. GREW He grew up going to school after.
We grew up like normal children.
HAVE/ HAS You have a goldring.
She has a blue dress. HAD She had a baby last month.
We had money in the past.
HEAR I hear rock music in the morning
She hears stereo love.

HEARD He heard the song Arjona.
She heard thesinging neighbor.
HOLD She holds all the books in hand
We hold an apple in its mouth. HELD They held the Spanish book in hand

I held a relationship with Juana
KNOW Juan knows he can not be...
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