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Relative - clause

1. Romeo and Juliet were two lovers. Their parents hated each other.
2. The Smiths were given rooms in the hotel. Their house had been destroyed in the explosion3. She climbed to the top of the monument to see the wonderful view. She had been told about this view.
4. The woman prayed aloud all night. This kept us awake
5. The firm is sendingme to New York. I work for this firm
6. His girlfriend turned out to be an enemy spy. He trusted her absolutely.
7. A man answered the phone. He said Tom was out
8. The horse keptstopping to eat grass. I was on the horse. This (his continual stopping) annoyed the riding instructor.
9. Tom had been driving all day. He was tired and wanted to stop
10. Ann had beensleeping in the back of the car. She felt quite fresh and wanted to go.
11. In prison they fed us on dry bread. Most of it was mouldy
12. But Tom´s leg is still in bandages. He will haveto watch the match from the stand
13. He paid me 1$ for cleaning ten windows. Most of them hadn´t been cleaned for a least a year.
14. She refuses to use machines. This makes herwork more arduous.
15. We slept in the same room as a handcuffed rattled every time he moved.
16. The lorry crashed into a bus-load of schoolchildren. Six of them were slightly injured17. I missed the train. I usually catch this train.
18. That's the building. I work there.
19. I rent a house. It is very small
20. That's the boy. His mother works in the post office21. The man smoked forty cigarettes a day. He died of a heart attack.
22. The hotel we stayed in. The hotel was very expensive
23. What's the name of the book? You want me to read it.24. That's the girl. She spoke to me yesterday.
25. That's the dog. Its owner is French.
26. The car was stolen. It was a BMW.
27. The businessman was very rich. I saw him last night
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