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Presente perfect:

1. I have drunk much coca cola
2. we have studied hard
3. Karen has helped to Carlos
4. pedro has bought a Car
5. the dog has bitten a ball
6. we haveeaten pizza
7. They have woken up early
8. I have watched a horror movie
9. She has thought have a baby
10. He has slept for 3 hours

11. I haven’t it drunk much coca cola
12. wehaven’t studied hard
13. karen hasn’t helped to Carlos
14. pedro hasn’t bought a car
15. the dog hasn’t bitten a ball
16. we haven’t eaten pizza
17. they haven’t woken up early
18. Ihaven’t watched a horror movie
19. she hasn’t thought have baby
20. he hasn’t slept for 3 hours

21. have I drunk much coca cola?
22. have we studied hard?
23. has Karen helped toCarlos?
24. has Pedro bought a car?
25. has the dog bitten a ball?
26. have we eaten pizza?
27. have they woken up early?
28. have I watched a horror movie?
29. has she thought have ababy?
30. has he slept for 3 hours?

1. bill kaulitz is as handsome as jared leto
2. orange is as delicious as apple
3. berlin is an expensive as praga
4. cancunis as beautiful as acapulco
5. new york is as dangerous as miami
6. english is as interesting as German
7. the rock is as popular as rap
8. tokio hotel is as famous as jonasbrothers
9. black is as beautiful as purple
10. my uncle is as young as my aunt

1. january is the coldest month of the year
2. mexico is the greatest city in theworld
3. tokio hotel is the most famous band in the world
4. the airplane is the speedest transport
5. the gold is the most expensive metal
6. the prackok is the most beautiful bird
7.michael jackson is the most recognized american singer
8. a diamond is the most expensive gem in the world
9. fisica is the worst subject matter
10. gandhi was one the most learned...
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