Oracle night

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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2010
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Oracle Night
The story begins when a man named Sidney Orr miraculously revive having been 3 months in coma. He returns to his normal whit her wife. After some days of doing nothing he goes to lookfor a stationary to buy some notebooks beacuse he is a writer. While he was walking he saw a stationary named Paper Palace. He entered to the stationary and saw a man Reading a book. He began to lookfor some good notebooks and then he saw a great blue portugués notebook. He takes and goes to the man. They start to talk about books and make a small friendship. Then they presented each other andmister Chang charges the notebook. Then he returns to her house and begin to write a story. (I´m not putting the story he writes in my book report beacuse it´s useless) After having been writting a lothe go to sleep. Some days pass and he continues with his novel. Then his best friend named John that had a broken leg invite he and his wife (Grace) to his house. They began to talk about how is goingtheir lifes and things like that. Then Sid go to the bathroom and see that John have the same notebook that he has. Sid ask John about the notebook and he said that is a great notebook but you haveto be carefull, Sid ask why carefull. John don´t answer and then Grace talk to Sid because it´s time to leave. Sid continues his normal life writting in the blue notebook but one they day Grace leavethe house whithout saying nothing to him. He goes to Grace´s job to ask about her and they said that she left saying that she come back tomorrow. Sid was very worried and returned to his house. When heentered the house he realized that he was stolen. He was in shock but then he began to accommodate all. The next day Grace returned and apologizes for having left like that. Sidney pardon she andtalk about the robbery. Grace was in shock angd began to search for some things that she treasured. Sidney said sorry beacuse it was stolen. Next morning Grace said Sidney that she was pregnant. Sidney...
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