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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Good morning, my name is .... and im going to talk about sex in teenagers, I chose this theme because it’s present in every teenager’s life; I think it is a global issue, because many teenagers arefacing it without any knowledge. Having sex at a very earlier age may bring us a lot of bad consequences, and through this oral I would answer the question: how can sex ruin a teenager’s life?According to CBS news, teenagers grow up surrounded by a culture where the TV, cinemas, music and magazines communicate some messages that approve the sexual relationships without being married, especiallythose who involves teenagers, they are common, accepted and sometimes expected.
Firstly they can get an unwanted pregnancy. This is very common because, teenagers don’t know about birth control pilland condoms, or they are ashamed to ask their parents to buy it. Making reference to a poll in 2005 to England and Wales, there were 7.464 under 16 year’s old pregnancies. In the teen pregnancy rates,this increases a 4% with respect to 2004. Compared to The United States, they have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. The Center for Disease control says that one-third ofgirls get pregnant before the age of 20; they states that there are 750,000 teen pregnancies annually.
Secondly they can get infections such us Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital herpes, Genital warts,Syphilis, HIV and AIDS. To put it in another way, these diseases are caused because they don’t take care of themselves. To prevent these sexually transmitted diseases, they must take care of facts like;use a new condom every time that they have sex, don’t have sex with several people, and try to avoid of having sex with strangers. Most people feel that having sexual infections, it’s a moral issue,and that they must be ashamed of themselves. It is a fact that not always de society would be sympathetic with this sort of things, but they must try to support them, overcoat if they are teenagers....