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the Snowboarding, Tablanieve or ski table is an extreme sports in which the slider uses a snowboard table to slide in the snow.
The core team to practice what are mentioned table,snowboard bindings, and boots.
He became Olympic Winter sport in 1998. Is a very new sport and strange for people who appreciate it outside is not as the basketball or football is something newthat came up with the idea Sherman popper to a snufer try to blend the traditional surf board but that wanted out for the snow so adecuo it to form its first snowboarding but with the passage of time itwas refined emerging so snowboarding as a sport


Although it is not easyto establish exactly which is the origin of snowboarding, usual set in 1965, when engineer Sherman Poppen built the first Snurfer (Word formed by the Union of Surfer, snow, Snow and surf in Englishrespectively).
It was a wooden board without you take hold to the feet and a cord at the front that helped to maintain the balance. Brunswik Company decided to develop and sell the Surfer and thiswas a relatively successful sales during the 1960s and 1970s. Also during this time, the surfista aficcionado ski Dimitrije Milovich designed a table of the size of some skis, but much more broadbandand allowing "surfing" known as Winterstick powder snow. In the 1970s, Tom Sims and Jake Burton (founder of Burton Snowboards) among others, began to develop and evolve the concept of snowboarding,table testing new designs, new materials and including first rudimentary fixations.
It was then when the snowboard had a first burst of popularity, increase the number of companies dedicated tocreate tables, boots and bindings. Also began to popularize the snowboarding competitions and videos (which reached its peak with "Apocalypse Snowboard"). The development of the snowboard since has...
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