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Conversation 1

F: Hello?
E: Hi, Fer? This is Elena
F: Oh yeah.. How are you?
E: Fine thanks, you?
F: I’m ok, so what’s up?
E: Hey do you remember the new clothes I bought from you last week?F: Yeah sure, the jacket and the jeans... Why are they in bad shape?
E: Well I’m not going to lie to you but, the jacket’s a little scratch on the back and has a few stains on the neck...
F: Oh, Ihaven’t noticed that, I’m so sorry… what about the jeans? Are they torn?
E: No, no but they look a little damaged, on the left side leg mainly.
F: Wow I would complain too if I where you...But arethey wearable at least?
E: I don’t think so; they need to be fixed if I’d wear them.
F: Oh no if they need to be adjusted I think it would be cheaper to replace them... I can’t think of how theycould send that.
E: Didn’t u check them when they came in?
F: Actually I didn’t, I just didn’t thought about it, I’m sorry, do you want to go to the store and see if we can change them?
E: That wouldbe just great.. When can we go? I’m free all afternoon.
F: What if I pick you up in about 30 minutes? Is that ok?
E: Sure! Thanks a lot Fer.
F: No problem!
E: Hey one more thing, how is it goingwith the computer I lend you? Keeps on breaking down?
F: Some times, it needs fixing though; I have to save my files every 2 minutes.
E: You’re right I should take it somewhere…but could you finishyour work?
F: I did a couple of time but it keeps going of when I’m on the last paragraphs.
E: Oh I’m so sorry, the pc needs cleaning…
F: It’s Ok, I’m almost done anyway. Oh and the mouse is dented,I’ll buy you another one…
E: That’s Ok, thanks
F: Well I’ll be right there, see you!

A: Good afternoon ladies, what can I do for you?
F: Hi, well I asked for some clothes last weekend, and theyturned out to be in such bad shape I decided to come here.
A: Really? Did you bring them?
F: Yes, Elena could you please take them out?
E: One second… Here, take a look at them
A: Hmm... You’re...
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