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They do a ceremony to choose 2 persons from each district by luck. In the district 12 they choose Katniss and Peeta. For prepare them to the game meet their support team: Haymitch a past winner ofthe hunger games, Effie the manager, Cinna the stylist of Katniss, Potria the stylist of Peeta. Cinna and Potria are their stylist for the opening ceremonies. During the training they have to show thejudges amazing things they do to gain sponsors, they give them a score from 1 to 12. When Katniss show them her abilities with the arc and she get a score of 11. Peeta get a low score so he ask to becouched separately. In the interview Katniss talk about her sister but when was the turn of Peeta he said that has a mega crush with Katniss. After the interview all of the tributes were transport tothe arena. When she gets out to the arena she had a plan to take the arc but she get distracted and she cannot do that but she take a backpack. In the first day she was alone but then she that Peetawas with the professionals making a team. Days after the professional find her and she run and get to the top of a tree the professional wait her until the morning but then Katniss see a honeycomb andcut to let them fall for gain advantage. Then she see the little girl called Rue and they make a team. Both made a team to plane to destroy the supplies of the professionals. Katniss realize thatPeeta wasn’t with them. Katniss was searching Rue because they get separate Rue distract the professional and rue distract them. Katniss destroy the supplies but she gets deaf from an ear. Then sherealize that Rue was killed by a professional, Katniss was so sad that she covered rue with beautiful flowers in her honor. The rules change “two people from a district can win. To bring back the love storybetween Katniss and Peeta”. Katniss went desperate to find Peeta after one day she find him. He was camouflaged with rock and mud, he was hurt and Katniss nurse him. So Katniss get the idea if they...
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