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This document serves as alignment on what are the key interventions that should be done to the Venezuela Ordering Process in order to improve ordering reliability, simplify CBD work processand enabling allotment process by sku by customer, in a way that it enables the Venezuela organization to reach their target of product availability on the shelf for all consumers.
Venezuela implemented 8 years ago a FX control legislation through which the exchange rate between the local currency and the US$ is set at a fixed rate by the government. After the lastlegislation changes the only legal way to obtain dollars in Venezuela is by requesting them to the Venezuelan Government complying with different governmental requirements. One of these requirements amongother is to ensure product availability on the shelf for all Venezuela consumers. Total P&G sales in Venezuela are of imported finish product or product manufactured raw material sales that today aredirectly dependant on getting approval of government Dollars.
Current Opportunities:
A multifunctional analysis was conducted which lead us to identify the following opportunities in the Orderingprocess with allotment as follows:
• Process Reliability
➢ Lack of E2E accountability and Tracking (SNO, CBD, Phisical Distribution, MS&P)
➢ Low inventory accuracy
➢ Planningerrors increases due to law which allows government to intervene the company
➢ High complexity -priority changes every day -
➢ Increased costs and high frustration among key players
➢Indepabis risk on Customers and Company

• Information systems
➢ E2E Ordering Process Control out of Customers
➢ Customer Inventory by SKU required input information
➢Include new ordering process reinvention an Allotment process
➢ Physical Distribution process change

Closing these gaps identified will have a direct improvement in Process Reliability and...
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