Organelles of the cell

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NUCLEUS | | Contains most of the cell’s DNA & controls the cells activities by directing protein synthesis. |
NUCLEOLUS | | Directs protein synthesis bymaking mRNA, according to instructions in the DNA. The mRNA moves through the pores to the cytoplasm & translated there ribosomes into the amino acid sequence of proteins. |
SMOOTH ENDOPLASMICRETICULUM | | Metabolic process like synthesis of lipids, carbohydrates & detoxification of drugs & poison.Storage of calcium ions. |
ROUGH ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM | | Make more membrane.Phospholipids made by enzymes of the ER are inserted into the membrane, so the membrane enlarges.The bound ribosomes that attach to rough ER produce proteins that will be inserted into the ER membrane,transported to other organelles or secreted by the cell. |
VESICLES | | Transport proteins from the rough E.R. to the golgi body |
GOLGI BODDY | | Shipping and receiving container, Thatmanufactured, is a warehouse, sort & shipped what is need in the cell. |
LYSOSOMES | | Membranous sac used to digest all kinds of macromolecules.Transport proteins to the cell from the golgi body. |VACUOLES | | The vacuoles take waste outside the cell.The central vacuole helps the cell grow in size by absorbing water and enlarging, & it can store vital chemicals or waste products.Vacuolesin flowers petals contain pigments that attract pollinating insects. Also contain poisons that protect the plant against predators. |
MITOCHONDRIA | | Transformation of energy. ATP(adeninetriphospale) is generate by extracting in form carbohydrates & fats |
CHLOROPLAST | | Found only in algae & plants where photosynthesis takes place. Transform solar energy in chemical energy(producing sugar from water & carbon dioxide).Not part of the endomembrane system. |
PEROXISOMES | | Single membrane with enzymes that transform hydrogen to form hydrogen peroxides (H2O2). The...
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