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Build a bear started on 1997, a period were all seems to be lack of opportunities to the malls stores that sell staffed animals. But even so Maxine Clark took an important risk openingthis company. Many critics thought that she was making a bad decision but what they didn’t know was that Maxine Clark was full of ideas and new strategies to face this poor environment by that time.Build a bear has opened more than 370 stores and has custom made tens of millions of teddy bears. But they have also won numerous awards since 1998 until 2010. It has being named the five hottestretailers by one retail consultancy, and its CEO won the fast company customer-centered leader award.
Build a bear has a high level of loyal customer because of the personalization feature that allowscustomers to be creative and express themselves. For this company the personalization is the key driver of customer value. But one of the main keys that has allow build a bear to be so successful is thatthey sell to the customer the experience of being part of the creation of personalized entertainment. Because more than creating and holding an exclusive teddy bear each customer holds a teddy bearimbued with the memory-created visiting the store.
Otherwise build a bear has recognized the importance that has the communication and closer touch with the customer, making them fell important andpart of the company which is an important factor to have loyal customers.

People involved
Maxine Clark the founder of build a bear has being so important for this company because will all of theideas and strategies has made possible to this company to be one of the biggest and successful teddy bear company.
Even so she has no children she interacts will each children that visit her storeso in that way she can knows what do they like, how do they fell in each stage in order to satisfied them better than any other teddy bear company.
Maxine Clark has changed the concept of the CEOs...
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