Organizational communication

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Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication is a program that focuses on general communication processes and dynamics within organizations. Includes instruction in the development and maintenance of interpersonal group relations within organizations; decision-making and conflict management; the use of symbols to create and maintain organizational images, missions, and values;power and politics within organizations; human interaction with computer technology; and how communications socializes and supports employees and team members.

Levels of the Organizational Communication

*Phatic Communication: Using conventional messages to establish rapport, to break the ice, and/or to end a conversation. You might hug, kiss, shake hands, bow, smile, make eye contact, and faceone another. We exchange pleasantries by using clichés. Clichés are overused expressions that have lost their original meanings and have taken on new relational meanings. We expect phatic communication at the beginning and end of every conversation, regardless of our feelings about a person.

Hello. How are you?
I’m fine. How are you?
Hi. Paper or plastic?
Thanks for coming. Havea nice day.
You’re welcome.

*Factual communication: Using events, making observations, offering knowledge to others in a manner which can be called chit chat or small talk. At business parties, we rely upon factual communication to network, to schmooze, and to work the room. Factual communication includes reporting what you’ve read in a textbook, what you’ve studied for a test, showingpictures of your children, and exchanging biographical information about yourself. Factual communication is relatively safe and most do this well.

I’m majoring in business administration.
I’m married with three children, two sons and one daughter.
Did you watch the basketball game last night?
What did we do in class last Friday?

*Evaluative communication: Offering opinions, ideas andjudgments to others. This is risky business because the odds are that others will reciprocate with their own evaluations, which may be different from yours. When people consistently use evaluative communication, they must be prepared for eventual conflict. Many U.S. Americans enjoy sharing at this level and feel that disagreeing with others is useful and invigorating. Unfortunately, many of usdon’t use evaluative communication with a high level of competence. It’s important to consider the value of critical and creative thinking, as well as the relational meanings of messages that are exchanged.

Of all my children, my daughter is the better athlete.
I thought that movie was excellent, particularly with the surprising ending.
I’m not convinced that your argument is wellsupported.
I agree with you!

Gut-level communication involves sharing our emotions and feelings with another. We are sharing our very essence when we allow others to know our heart. This is risky business! Societies place constraints upon the specific emotions which can be conveyed. We also have rules about when and how feelings can be expressed.
Emotional intelligence involves interpersonalcompetencies including self-awareness, self control, flexibility and empathy.

I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in helping me earlier.
I’m so frustrated with you!
I’m wish that I hadn’t called you that name. I hope that you’ll forgive me.
He called me! I’m so excited to see him again!

Peak communication: Coming together with another in an extraordinary way.Two individuals who are gut leveling experience a transformation when they are sharing the exact same emotion with the same level of intensity. This is also called, "communal-level communication." It’s as if, for the moment, two souls merge into one. Peak communication is rare, even among close friends and family members.

I love you. I love you too.
I’m so angry with you. I’m so...
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