Origen de la guerra fira

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Who do you consider was to blame for the start of the cold war 1945-1948?

The cold war is one the war the marked a new era in the world; the world practically was divided into democratic countries and communist countries. In one side was the USSR and in the other was the USA with a few more allies.
The origins of the cold war haven’t been defined and probably they will never be. There severaltheories in who should we blame on the start of this long lasting war.
These theories varied depending on the historian’s perspective but all of them make a lot of sense.
Some people blame Stalin and his ideas on a communist take over Eastern Europe, others blame Truman and his doctrine and his lack of experience on foreign affairs, some people just conclude that the war was inevitable due tothe misunderstanding of ideals.

In this essay we are going to take a look on who should we blame for the start of the cold war, we are going to see key factors on whom should we blame, Stalin? Truman? Or should we blame both?

Many people blame the start of the cold war to Stalin and the USSR. After the end of WWII Europe was broken, there was a need of power between Great Britain and the USSRto see who could gain control of Europe. Both have different ideals and political views, Great Britain along with USA wanted free elections for eastern Europe hence they wanted this countries that have been highly affected by the war to have their own ‘Modus Operandi’. They wanted free elections for all of these countries, which included: Poland, Hungary Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria andAlbania. Mean while Stalin wanted to impose communism among Eastern Europe. This discussion on what should be agreed on these countries led to a conference on Yalta, Ukraine. This conference led to several peaceful agreements such as the free elections on Poland and that the Lublin Poles should work together with the London Poles.
Both countries interpreted differently this agreement that’s why lateron Stalin doesn't follow this agreement. He doesn't follow the free elections that should take place on Poland and with the use of the Lublin Poles he rigged the elections so that the communist could gain control of Poland. The USA and Great Britain fill completely disappointed towards Stalin and create what we could call a ‘war on communism’.

Stalin quickly starts his communist take overEastern Europe. The next victims were Greece and Turkey. The USSR send ships through the black sea to threatened the Turks. This threat by Stalin was seen with disgrace across the Atlantic. The Americans made it clear that they wouldn’t resist any move from the Soviets and they decided to put some ships along Turkish seas so they would warn off Soviet ships.

Stalin moves were more than obvious tothe eyes of the democratic allies. That’s why in 1946 Churchill makes his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. In this speech his says that the all of Eastern Europe are falling onto Moscow’s power. All of this was seen as threat to Truman because Stalin was now imposing some totalitarian control over Central and Eastern Europe.

But although this threats from Stalin was seen like a war temptation amongthe Western world, the USA is another country we should blame for the start of this war. Specially their new president Harry Truman. Truman was from Missouri, hence he didn’t have any idea on what to with the international relations, he’d probably didn’t knew anything about the past of Russia and how they had been invaded several times (always from central and Eastern Europe).
Truman’s lack ofexperience in international relations was a major factor why this war started. He used an aggressive tone towards Stalin and the USSR.
His ignorance over Russia’s past is clearly shown in the following quote

“We have to get tough with the Russians. They don’t know how to behave. They are like bulls in a china shop. They are only 25 years old. We are over hundred and the British are centuries...
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