Origins of education in chile and usa

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Universidad Bolivariana
Social Pedagogy
Los Angeles

It is incredible to think that God and The Bible were the origins of education in USA and Chile. But through history, that episode has beenerased and Religion has been separated from the education in many schools of the world. The word of man or God is to be considered in this process?

At the beginning
Religion has been involved in theprocess of founding the real education in Chile and United States. How is it to be that something that started the engines of this process now is not present as a pillar? “Christian religious orderspredominantly influenced Chilean education” (Chile – Educational System – Overview) and “Originally in America, our law and education was based on God and the Bible” (History of changes in Americaneducation and thus the changes in government). The central idea in those times was God and spreading his word through the Bible.

In the process
Through the time, Religion was losing control ineducation and for good or bad God was leaving the classroom and letting men the chance to lead the process of education. In USA was a man that in the 1830 tried to take Religion out the school: “HoraceMann begins a new state school program that did not have the Bible” (History of changes in American education and thus the changes in government). However, in Chile this process was different. TheSpanish men came to America in 1492 and Chile took its independence in 1810, long time has passed before Chile could have access to education and this education was based on Religion “Education was in thehands of Catholic organizations” (Chile – Educational System – Overview) and not just that, because school was just for men and not for women.

Man or God
Education in USA, after Religion was takenaside, was governed by laws. Louis Brandeis had a different opinion about the word of God and says “I wanted the reason of men to be the ultimate rule”- 1916 (History of changes in American...
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