Orign and evolution of living creatures in our planet

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Orign and evolution of living creatures in our planet

Author: Carolina Ruiz Jiménez.
Date: June 30th,2010
Class Information: Lengua V, section 1Teacher: Luzmila Flores
Table of contents

1. Natural Selection
2. Evolutionism
3. Macroevolutionism
4. Natural Selection
5. Atrophied organ
6. Inheritance of acquired traits
7. The Noeh’s Flood
8. The Creation,Genesis’ Book
9. Primordial Soup

Title: Orign and evolution of living creatures in our planet.

Authors:Carolina Ruiz Jimènez.
Theresearch is focused in how the orign and evolution of the living creatures tooked place in planet earth.The methodology used in this research was based on a case studies, which was developed by evolutionism theories which were compare with the religious scriptures, specificaly with the book of Genesis in the Bible.As a conclution I can state that the evolution in Human beings, animals and floraspecies were achieved because of the different factors that the earth suffered through the years which forced all living forms to modificate our feautures in order to survive.


Have you ever thought about how was the beginning of life?, Did leaving things have the same physical features?, How many changes can you imagine in the human being?.There are several question relatedto the origin and develpoment of human and living things, nevertheless a concrete scientific explanation does not exist , but there are many theories based on atheist beliefs and of course theories related to the christian feith.
In order to understand such matter, we have to consider the main concepts dealing with this subject; the first one is “Evolutionism”, this term can be defined as aserious of chemical process in which several part of our universe start to develop in order to achieve the construction of bigger entities, due to this development in different areas of life, evolutionism may state that all life- forms come from or are related with a common ancestor and that is why we can noticed similar feautures among them.
Moreover, evolutionism has several branches ofstudy, in this research I will focuse in Macroevolution, this concept can be described as a process of evolution in life-forms which occurs in a high level, producing a change into the feautures of the creatures along their development period.
In the next research after had been investigating, I can state the following thesis stament dealing with the sctientific developemnt of the humanbeing versus the creation of the man and the woman by means of the power of god reported in christian scriptures, so for that reason I state that the orign and evolution of living things, concerning human beings, flora and fauna, was process influenced by factors of external order, which allowed to the life-form the slowly adaptation to the requirements of the environment, originating changes thatwere inherited by the following generations.
According to the methodology that I am going to follow in order to provide support to this thesis, I am going to back up my sayings in scientific theories such as Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution, Stanley L. Miller and Harold Urey experiment of “Primordial Soup”, and the description od conceptsrelated to this matter. As a way of comparison, from the Christian point of view I am going to provide opposition to this thesis by using The Genenis’ book in the Bible.

The adapatation of your characteristics in relation to what the environment requires let yourself to remain in the evolutionary process

Being prepare for what the environment’s requierements offers you a garantie to...
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