Oryx an crake

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Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Aspects of Section 7
Objective: Section 7 though Jimmy and Crake are friends, there are many problems in their relationship. Crake feels that he is superior toJimmy and is very condescending towards him. Let’s explore the problems in the relationship between Crake and Jimmy.
1. What issues do Crake and Jimmy disagree about? Why do you think it is? Doesit say anything about what kind of people they both are? What do these arguments foreshadow?
Crake eliminated in his society are the elements of love, lust and jealousy. He only designed the Crakersto mate every three years because Crake that it was enough to sustain the population. There is no love involved or any kind of wanting for another person since everything they do is purely to carry ontheir own race. Jimmy is a loving and sensitive boy which is interested in the felling of the others compared to Crake whom only created the Crakers in order to get rid of the destructive species ofthe planet to replace it with a friendlier, peacefully and environmental human creature. Crake is a man of science while Jimmy relies on feelings. The difference in personality of Jimmy and Crake giveevidence or predict what there future will be. In the case of Crake, he becomes like a ``God´´ while Jimmy or Snowman is only a humble follower and a person who once knew him.
2. Think of 3different issues that Crake and Jimmy might disagree about. How do you think they would feel about each issue? Find one quote per issue and present it as evidence.
Three different issues that Crake andJimmy might disagree about:
• Bobkittens started hunting the young Crakers.
- Jimmy: ´´beneath the citrus overlay, they can smell the rabbity aroma of the caecotrophs´´
- Crake: ´´Foranimals with a diet consisting largely of unrefined plant materials, he’d pointed out, such a mechanism was necessary to break down the cellulose, and without it people would die´´
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