Oscar niemeyer

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NAME: Diana L.


Oscar Niemeyer was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1907, spent his youth as a typical carioca bohemian of the time, no worries for hisfuture. Completed secondary education to 21 years. That same year, he married Annita Baldo, daughter of Italian immigrants from Padua. The marriage gave him a sense of responsibility, to work and goingto college. He started working in the workshop of his father's typography and entered the Escuela de Bellas Artes (Brazil), where he graduated as engineer architect in 1934. Despite the financialdifficulties that were going through, decided to work for free in the studio of the architect Lúcio Costa and Carlos Leão. Niemeyer felt dissatisfied with the existing architecture in the city anddecided that he could find a career in this niche.
In 1956, the urban planner Lucio Costa wins the design contest to choose the new capital city in the central country, which is Brasilia, and at theinitiative of President Kubitschek, Oscar Niemeyer is invited to work on the draft of the new capital. Niemeyer is in charge of the projects of buildings and Lúcio Costa's plan for the city and throughoutthe town.
On January 10, 2009 and 101 years old, Oscar Niemeyer, presented a new project, place of sovereignty, which will be held at the Esplanade of the Ministries, in Brasilia. This plaza isexpected to be inaugurated in April 2010 with a Memorial of the Presidents of Brazil, and a monument in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the capital. Niemeyer's architecture is also accelerated thepace of technical and artistic joints that converge towards the fullness of the wide variety of compositions. Through the construction, architecture conveys the spirit of the existence and the searchfor mutations prodigious. On the other hand, say that these connections Niemeyer idea, distributed as a reasonable method, its themes and their compositions fall within the reality of their respective...