Oscar wilde

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- The history start before Easter, and Bentinck house, every one was there also All the beautiful people too, and a palm reader to read some hands. When he read Lord Arthur Savile's hand, he went pale and his hands clammy. He said something about a relative but it wasn't all the truth. Later, Lord Arthur asked Mr. Podgers to be told all the truth, and he accepted forsome money.
- Mr. Podgers said to him that he would commit a murder. He was horrified and walked all night without knowing what to do, he heard blows and curses. He went home in the morning.
- He thought that he couldn't marry Sybil, until he would have committing a murder. As soon as the murder was committed, the better it would be for both of them. So he made a list of his possible victims.And he decided that it would be Lady Clementina who was an old lady, but his cousin, so he prepared her a pill filled with poison and gave it to her as a pill against indigestion so it must be taken when she had an attack.
- He went to a trip for 2 weeks in Venice with his brother and then he became anxious and he took a train to Venice when he arrived, he found a telegram that said that she haddied Lady Clementina; he felt good after he had to go back to London because she had left him his house and furniture. Arthur planned his marriage for the 17Th of June.
after he discovered that Lady Celementina had died a natural death, when Sybil found the box where there was the pill and it was still there. Arthur discovered that Lady Celementina had died a natural death.
- Lord Arthur toldSybil to postpone his marriage, and she felt very sad but he trusted him, after he decided to send an explosive clock to his uncle , the Dean of Chinchester who loved clocks, and for that asked for his friend Count Rouvaloff, a young Russian to find a place where he could get the clock. He went there and they gave him the clock without any charge and it was supposed to explode on Friday at noon butnothing happened at all.
Lord Arthur was in despair, he went out, he was sad, he had tried to do his duty but he couldn´t. he sat nearby the river and then saw Mr. Podegs, and he got an idea, he drowned him in the river.
- He got married Sybil, they were a handsome couple and happy, also they had two children. One day Lady Windemere went there to visit them and she was talking to Sybil aboutlove and also talked about Mr. Podgers, and she said that she liked him although he was an impostor and he didn't tell the truth at all.

- ONE afternoon the man was sitting outside the Cafe de la Paix, watching the splendour and shabbiness of Parisian life, and wondering over his vermouth at the strange panorama of pride and poverty that was passing before him, whenhe heard some one call his name. He turned round, and saw Lord Murchison.
- They had not met since they had been at college together, nearly ten years before, so he was delighted to come across him again, and they shook hands warmly. At Oxford they had been great friends. he had liked him immensely, Lord Murchison was so handsome, so high-spirited, and so honourable, they used to say of himthat he would be the best of fellows, if his friend did not always speak the truth, but he think they really admired him all the more for his frankness.
- He found him a good deal changed. His friend looked anxious and puzzled, and seemed to be in doubt about something and he felt it could not be modern, for Murchison was the stoutest of Tories, and believed in the Pentateuch as firmly as hebelieved in the House of Peers; so I concluded that it was a woman, and asked him if he was married yet. Firmly as he believed in the House of Peers; so I concluded that it was a woman, and asked him if he was married yet.

- Mr. Otis, an American Minister, buys a property in England called Canterville Chase, against the advice of his friends and the owner himself, Lord...
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