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Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the beautiful princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton), together they face off against dark forces to safeguard the power of an ancient dagger capable of releasing theSands of Time, a gift from the gods that can reverse time. A battle lost can become earned. And even could predict the movements of the enemy.
The film begins when a boy named Dastan is adopted by theking of Persia Sharaman after seeing how the child faced guards.
Dastan years later with his brothers and Garciv Your attack the city of Alamut and had informed them that sold weapons to its enemies.In this attack Tus, heir to the kingdom of Persia, proposes to the princess Tamina of Alamut marriage, which she denies.
Your brother tells Dastan you a gift of tribute to his father in exchange foraccepting the union of the princess with him. Dastan gives it but the king said Sharaman Your should not have more wives and Dastan will marry the princess Tamina, Sharaman later the Persian king ispoisoned by the mantle.
Then the Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina escape as in Persia Dastan believe tried to kill the king.
When Dastan already at the funeral of his father, the king Sharaman;Dastan will talk with his Uncle Nizam because Dastan believed to trust him but then Dastan realizes that his uncle has his hands burned but Nizam attacks Dastan, with what he learns that his uncle gavehim the mantle Tus.
Later Tamina Dastan reveals everything: the dagger is a magic dagger that travels in time and works with the sands of time which are enclosed in the hourglass, which contains 1minute of sand found in the temple of Alamut and that she was the guardian of that dagger.
In the final battle between Dastan and Nizam, Tamina killed the clock and the sands are released and everythingis back in the time when the princes attacked Alamut, Dastan revealing the plan of his uncle, then your proposed that marries Dastan finishing Tamina film with a scene of the prince and the...
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