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Shakespeare wrote many of his works and masterpieces in Italy such as Othello and Romeo and Juliet, it is a mystery the reason he chose this country, nobody knows why.

One of his biggest plays of the history of literature is Othello without doubt, Shakespeare's work was written after Hamlet and is near the above, Macbeth and King Lear a fine selection of the best masterpieces of theEnglish bard. An immortal piece of theater that has stood the test of time and raises the reflection of human jealousy, intrigue and suspicion as crouching beasts waiting for the right moment to pounce on the human heart and to give a blow.

In this masterpiece Shakespeare presents his criticism of European xenophobia, he was known for his xenophobia against some ethnic groups including theJewish. His classic "The Merchant of Venice" portrays a very unfavorable to the Jews. The unforgettable character of Shylock, the usurer of the worst sort, no doubt a deal for money as a reward, including human flesh. An incredible location speaks volumes about the playwright's prejudices about the Jews.

The story of the Moor in the service of the Doge of Venice doesn´t show such a negative image ofthe Arab race. Unlike the Moor is presented by Shakespeare as a loyal and full of virtues that comes to serve the Doge of Venice with loyalty and has the esteem of his fellow soldiers and comrades. Contrary to today's Europe, the Venice that Shakespeare portrays is tolerant and values ​​men by their merits and not for their skin color. Even the drama of the English bard has genuine love between anoble ideal and Venice (Desdemona) and the dashing Moor (Othello), a romance that even in the first half of the twentieth century had been heavily censored in a progressive power like the United States. It is this vision of the foreign kind which calls attention to the tragedy. However, later developed by Iago plot is a clever Shakespeare maneuver to tell us that Europeans envy the strength andvirility of the African man or men of color. All existing prejudices about the increased sexual potency, strength and bravery of the men in dark color are put on stage by the Elizabethan playwright with no mention of a clear bias. In the play's atmosphere is perceived resentment of European white man against the greatest strength and virility of men in dark. The very fabric of Othello can be readas the story of forbidden love and doomed to failure between a white woman and a black man.

We can all feel identification with the drama of jealousy and intrigue. Similarly, the betrayal of a friend can be identified as a common theme to any social reality and culture, but the issue of xenophobia in a society such as cultured and refined Venetian stands out as an issue if it relates to today.At a time that Africans and other minorities based in Europe raise their protest against the constant attacks they suffer in a society supposedly tolerant and liberal tells us that perhaps in the depths of the common European fear still exists abroad.
Romeo and Juliet
This masterpiece is one of my favorite, because it talks about love as Othello is set also in Italy. Here Shakespeare wants toconvey a story of impossible love, yet combining hatred that leads to fatal consequences, he explains that we should not hold a grudge because this leads to bad roads. But after all, love is the most important explaining that the love is clear and puts us in contact our feelings.
we can read the story of two young lovers who are unable desire to make public their love for the hatred that kept theirfamilies. Here the characters challenge society, their families, even when they know that things will go wrong. What Shakespeare is trying to show is that love is stronger than anything, even more than death, and of course they have to die for this to reach its final consequences. Shakespeare uses a language of love so that the reader could feel the emotion of what he is reading.

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