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He was born around 385 AD in the united Kingdom.
• His real name is Maewyn Succat.
• When he was 16, he was kidnapped by a group of Irish raiders and sold into slavery in Ireland.
• During hissix-year captivity as a shepherd, he began to have religious visions and found strength in his faith.
• He finally escaped to France
• When he was about 60 years old, Saint Patrick returned toIreland to spread the Christian word. He used the shamrock, which resembles a three-leafed clover, as a metaphor to explain the Christian concept of God

• To offer a national festival that ranksamongst all of the greatest celebration in the world
• To create energy and excitement throughout Ireland via innovation, creativity, grassroots involvement, and marketing activity
• To provide theopportunity and motivation for people of Irish descent (and those who sometimes wish they were Irish) to attend and join in the imaginative and expressive celebrations
• To project, internationally, anaccurate image of Ireland as a creative, professional and sophisticated country with wide appeals.
• The first St Patrick’s Festival was held over one day, and night, on March 17th 1996. With alittle over four months in which to effect change, the main object was to demonstrate that changes were afoot and starting the process away from “just a parade”. The live audience for the day wasestimated to be 430,000

• It is a religious holiday celebrated internationally on 17 March.
• It commemorates Saint Patrick , the most commonly recognized of the patrols saints of Ireland , and thearrival of Christianity in ireland.

• Saint Patrick's Day was made an official feast day in the early 17th century, and has gradually become a secular celebration of Irish Culture in general.
•Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland,Norther Ireland and in Monserrat . It is also widely celebrated by the Irish Dispora , especially in places such as Great Britain,...
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