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1. Perhaps it is the defining ______ of people in the early 21 st. century.

2. The birdbegan to _______ food for the winter.

3. The ocean waves ________ the man, nearly drowning him.

4. _______ when left in lockers in a salt water environment.

5. Theprocess used to ________ oil from the oil sands in northern Canada .

6. To _______ the opportunity, he attended a good university.

Exercise on Comparison of Adjectiveshttp://www.eflnet.com/tutorials/adjcompsup.php

Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

1. My house is (big) _________ than yours.
2. This floweris (beautiful) _____________ than that one.
3. This is the (interesting) ____________ book I have ever read.
4. Non-smokers usually live (long) ___________ than smokers.
5. Which isthe (dangerous) ____________ animal in the world?
6. A holiday by the sea is (good) ____________ than a holiday in the mountains.
7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) ___________ than a beer.
8. Who isthe (rich) ____________ woman on earth?
9. The weather this summer is even (bad) ____________ than last summer.
10. He was the (clever) _________________ thief of all.EXERCISE 1. Fill in the blanks with MUST / MUSTN’T / HAVE TO / NOT HAVE TO


1. Ronaldo can go toBrazil next week because he ________________ attend the training.
2. You ______________ buy that CD. We have got so many Cds at home.
3. Look at my car. It’s really dirty. I____________ wash it as soon as possible.
4. I have just ordered some pizza. You ____________ cook anything tonight.
5. Since Alex de Souza was injured in the middle of the match, he...
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