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The medicine bag
* Explain what grandpa might have done with the medicine bag if he had not had a great-grandson to give it to. Use evidence from the story to support your answer.
… Grandpa whowas called Joe Iron Shell arrived to his daughter´s house from his Sioux reservation; he had a sad face that was inevitably hide. His daughter, and his granddaughter, asked what was the reason aboutit, something that he didn´t answer. In his Sioux culture, he must pass generation through generation a symbolic item from the culture that was called “the medicine bag”, but it was a condition forit, it was that it must be given for each one´s great-grandson. The problem here was that the old man didn´t have one and that’s the reason of his sadness. Joe´s live was nearly over so he must find theother guy who carry on during his live the medicine bag. He was hopping for his daughter to have a boy nearly, but he was realistic about the short time he had for giving out the medicine bag. Heused the time while traveling to think about what he would do with the medicine bag to carry on his tradition. He thought that the only thing he could do was giving the medicine bag to his daughter´shusband and make him to give it to his son if someday they have one or assume it as the same, giving it to his great-grandson latter. It was a difficult decision cause he was not even his son but wasthe only option because was the only man on that family and the only possibility to continue with the tradition. He knew that with this decision he would do wrong with the tradition´s rules but was theonly option he had. At the next day that he arrived to his daughter´s house he decided to talk to his son in law, and explain him all about the rules, the traditions, the stories about the medicinebag, the value of this in the Sioux culture, and so. Joe told his daughter´s husband at first, the story about that medicine bag and how important was it. He told him that he must give it to his...
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