Otro final a huckle berry finn

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Instead of Huck having no more to write and instead of Aunt Sally adopting and civilize him, he will keep moving with Jim and Tom and one day they found the Kingand the Duke and Huck present Tom to them. And then the five (Tom, Jim, the King, the Duke and Huck) will keep moving unto a safe place to live without being annoyed.Then they will find a town a very calm town with a regular numbers of people living there. They keep the raft in a save place in the shore of a river. They come outand divided into two groups to explore the town. The groups were the King and the Duke and the other group was Tom, Huck, and Jim to don’t rescue again Jim to bestolen.
Then Jim, Tom, and Huck went to explore then didn’t found any rare or bad think but they didn’t explore all the parts they ask them to explore so they feltasleep in a corner of a street. They sleep well because in that town the weather was good all day and all night and also the street was make with good material. Theyseemed it was a good town for stay. But Tom in silence he was thinking to only stay fex weeks there because what he wants was adventures.
The next day went they wakeup they found the King and the Duke and Tom had a very good idea, and his idea was: For a time work there to have money, and when they have the enough money theywill go for an adventure and when they spend all the money or some other thing they will come back to this town. Everyone was agreeing with Tom’s idea, so they weresearching for something they could do and they find out, they will work building rafts. So in their life they will always get money and get adventures until they die.
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