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the musical world

1 discuss these question with a classmate

are you good at playing any musical instrument?

what musical instrument do you know about?

which instrument is your favoriteone?

do you admire any instrument player?

2 Read the descriptions of the instrumet families.

The wood wind family

This family of instruments used to be made only of wood .they are playedby blowing air into a hole now the instruments are sometimes made of metal or plastic. Some wood winds, like the clarinet, have a reed that vibratse when air is blown into the mouthpiece, producingsound. In others, like the flute, the air's vibrations inside the tube make the sound.

The string family

Any instrument that has string belongs to this group . there are various ways stringedinstruments are played. The violin is an example of an instrument that produces sound by being rubbed by a bow. The guitar is plucked with the fingers or a pick. Some strings are hammered to make sound,like the piano.

The brass family

All the instruments in this group are made of brass . they are played by blowing air into a especial mouthpiece .the air vibrates through the tube and comes outthe flared opening at the other end. The trumpet is an example of a brass instrument. The trumpet player vibrates his lips when blowing into the mouthpiece. Tight lips make a high note, loose lipsmake lower tones.

The percussion family

The word percussion means beating or striking, so the percussion family includes all the instruments that are hit with sticks or the hand. Some percussioninstruments, like the kettledrum, are tuned to a certain pitch. others, like the tambourine, cannot be tuned to mark

el mundo de la música

1 discutir estas preguntas con un compañero de clase¿Eres bueno para tocar cualquier instrumento musical?

qué instrumento musical sabe usted?

qué instrumento es su favorito?

¿Es usted admirar a cualquier jugador instrumento?

2 Lea las...
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