Outline: applied aerodynamics

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Book: Applied Aerodynamics.

Chapter 1: Introduction

I. Introduction
A. This section describes the uses of the book, for which students the book was written for and also alittle description of the objectives of the book.

II. Historical notes
A. Anecdotes of some characters that attempted flying.
1. Story of Icarus and his father Daedalus
a. They were on KingMinos prison, so they decided that they want to escape, and the only way was through the air, son they start building a model of wings to attached them to their arms, and thatway be able to fly and escape.
2. Story of Simon the magician
a. Octave Chanute, quoting from an 1880's book, La Navigation Aerienne, describes how Simon the Magician in about 67 A.D.undertook to rise toward heaven like a bird. "The people assembled to view so extraordinary a phenomenon and Simon rose into the air through the assistance of the demons in the presence of anenormous crowd. But that St. Peter, having offered up a prayer, the action of the demons ceased..."
B. People start to realize the impossibility of human flight, Isaac Newton propoundeda theory about it (not cited). Octave Chanute, on 1891 wrote, "Science has been awaiting the great physicist, who, like Galileo or Newton, should bring order out of chaos inaerodynamics, and reduce its many anomalies to the rule of harmonious law."
C. People start to think about how birds and bugs were able to fly, someone thoughts that they used some “vitalforce”, which enabled them to fly and it couldn’t be duplicated by an inanimate object.
D. Wings of the birds were target of observation for a little while, due to the fact that birdscan not fly with the motion of the wings.
E. Theory of aspiration was developed.
1. This theory proposed that birds were in some way able to convert the energy in small scale turbulence...
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