Outline de mexico

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I. Sergio Venegas
A. Mexico
II. combat against drugs
A. How and why was it selected
1. It’s one of the problems Mexico has that has beengrowing over time and it’s taking away many innocent lives
B. History
1. It has always existed but lately it has become a problem that it’s out of control2. It has affected all the population however Ciudad Juarez, Michoacan, and Tijuana have suffered the most encounters.
C. It’s impact on yourcountry
1. The citizens have lost credibility on authorities and the government, People don’t want to go to Mexico and citizens of Mexico want to liveoutside Mexican lands
D. Impact on surrounding countries
1. It impacts many central American countries and lately European due to the commercial line2. With the United States it affects it because the major transportation of drugs and illegal aliens it’s done thorough the borders.
III. CorruptionA. How and why was it selected
1. It’s the number one enemy of Mexico
B. History
1. In the last twenty years corruption in Mexico has impact inall levels politically and law enforcement (PGR)
2. It is affecting the lower class more because they don’t have jobs and are introduced to the blackmarket
C. It’s impact on your country
1. In the political area they are losing credibility, and in the law enforcement areas of mexico especially inthe judges
D. Impact on surrounding countries
1. Mexico is struggling to gain back credibility with other countries however there is long work ahead
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