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Ozeki Message Server 6 Product Guide

© Copyright, Ozeki Informatics Ltd. Number of pages: 185

Ozeki Message Server 6

Product Guide

Table of contents
Terms of use Summary of changes About Ozeki Message Server 6 Package contents Ozeki Message Server Ozeki Message Server Monitor Ozeki Message Server Manager OZEKI Excel SMS Client Outlook SMS Plugin OzekiSMS Client

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The SMS network entities SMS Network Architecture and Internal Protocols SMS message types SMS messaging with a mobile phone attached to the PC Connect your phone to the PC with an RS232 serial cable Connect your phone to the PC with an USB data cable Connect your phone to the PC with Infrared (IR) Connect your phone to the PC withBluetooth (BT) IP SMS technology Common protocols - UCP/EMI Common protocols - SMPP Common protocols - CIMD2 Common protocols - Colour SMS Common protocols - Premium rated SMS services VPN configuration on Windows 2003 Service Provider Information

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Ozeki Message Server in the Office Basic features Multi-user architectureAddressbook How IT Professionals Use the Software The envelope system Link and message management Message routing

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Ozeki Message Server 6
Installing the server Hardware and software requirements Installation steps Product activation Server Configuration - Server Preferences Driver Installation How to turn on theSMPP communiction logging Plugins System maintenance Keep the system healthy by deleting old messages Ozeki Performance Monitor Manual uninstallation

Product Guide
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General information Autoresponding SMS applications Application Mode Programming APIs and languages SMS API for C++ Developers SMS API for Database developers (SQL) SMS API forWebdevelopers (HTTP) SMS API for JAVA developers SMS API for PHP developers SMS API for ASP developers SMS API for Delphi developers SMS API for Microsoft Access developers

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Appendix "A1" - Message types - OTA bitmap Appendix "A2" - Message types - Operator logo XML Appendix "A3" - Message types - Operator logo Appendix "A4" - Messagetypes - Ringtone Appendix "A5" - Message types - Wap push Appendix "B" - GSM service providers Appendix "C" - SMS service center addresses Appendix "D" - GSM operator and country codes for operator Logos Appendix "E" - The 7 bit default alphabet of GSM phones Appendix "F" - GSM error codes Appendix "G" - Database plugin connection strings Appendix "H" - References

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Ozeki Message Server 6

Product Guide

Organizations today are facing several unique communication challenges: the proliferation of electronic messages across their enterprise; the need to provide employees, customers, and partners with consistent information; the desire to better equip information workers with meaningful information to driveinformed decisions; and the mandate to control costs without sacrificing application availability, security, or reliability. The latest release of Ozeki Message Server is designed to help enterprises address these challenges. Ozeki Message Server 6 will help in maximizing the productivity of IT by reducing the complexity of creating, deploying, and managing communication applications. It empowersdevelopers through a rich, flexible, modern development environment for creating secure, high performance communication applications. Various types of messages (SMS text messages, binary data messages, etc...) can be sent from multiple platforms, applications, and devices to make it easier to connect internal and external systems. Deliver robust, integrated business intelligence solutions that...
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