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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

Pilar was a woman who was born in a small town called Soria. The story starts with Pilar crying at river piedra, remembering the past week. When Pilar was achild, she had a friend, they were in love but then he left the small town because he had a dream to explore and learn things outside Soria. After years her friends only sent her a few letters. Pilarfinished school in her home town and went to Zaragoza and got in the university, she started working as a salesgirl to pay for her courses. After a long time the letters stared to arrive again frommany different places, then one day a letter arrived, saying he was going to give a conference in Madrid that she should come. When she got to the conference she was amazed to see so many people in theconference, all waiting to hear him. When the conference was over she went and said hello. She asked him why a woman told her that he was giving back what was theirs and he told her that he believedthat god had a feminine side and that men aren’t the only ones who can govern the church. After that a woman named Brida asked Pilar to come with her, that she wanted to show her something. Theystarted to walk and after a while Brida stopped and looked to the sky and looked at the moon, she spread her arms in the form of a cross, turned her palms upward and just stood there contemplating themoon. When she was over they went to the Plaza Cybele, Brida put her hands in the water then she took out a flute and started to play Pilar felt like she was being hypnotized. Then Brida told her thatPilar was going to fall in love with her friend and the she would suffer. When she said this Pillar got mad and left. The next day Pilar went with his friend to the next conference in Bilbao. The twohour drive was torture for her because her friend did speak a word and the radio wasn’t working. When they got to Bilbao she wanted to get to the bus station to go back to Zaragoza but her friend...
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