Pablo picasso

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Pablo Picasso
Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in October 25, 1881 in Magala, Spain. He came from a poor family supported by Jose Ruiz, (Pablo Picassos father) who was an art teacher. When Pablo was 10years old, he moved to Corruña, and four years later he moved to Barcelona. In 1897 Pablo has his first artwork exhibition in Barcelona. In 1904 Pablo’s best friend, Casagemas, dies. This eventaffects greatly in Pablo’s artwork and he enters the blue period. The blue period is caracterizized by the sadness that Pablo felt about his friend’s death. He also enters the pink period that is stages inhis life were he only paints with pink and all its values. In the Pink and Blue periods, Pablo Picasso paints people suffering and full of sadness. Meanwhile, he moves to Paris, which is the center ofthe art world, and there he starts talking to other artists. His artistic styles start growing by this talking. Pablo also gets acquainted with other well-recognized artists. In 1909 Pablo meetsGeorge Braque, and with him he developed a new style of painting. This new style is called cubism. In 1918 Picasso marries Olga Kavva, which is a stage directors in a ballet. Olga is much older thanPicasso. In this time of his life Picasso is famous and well recognized, he is invited to participate many artistic debuts. In 1922 Pablo has his first son with Olga, called Pablo. In 1936 Pablo Picassohas his second chills, Maya , but this time with another woman, Maria Terese (Pablo was not married to her). In 1936 Pablo was named director of el Prado Museum. In 1946 Pablo starts a relationship withFransuase Gilliot who is a college student. Pablo then had two more children with Fransuase, Paloma and Gian Marie Picasso. In 1958 he gets married with Jacqueline Roque, and in the same year hestarts having exhibitions in New York, Brazil, and in other parts of America. Finally, in April 18, 1973, Pablo Picasso Dies.
• At First Pablo Picassos style is very realistic. He tries to...
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