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2. Who were the main gods of Pachacamac?
The God Pachacamac was made in wood and was so important that pilgrims came from all around the world to get prophecies, advice, or to look for a“supernatural intervention”.
Pachacamac was the most religious city of the andes. Th I + TA, p. 16
The Pachacamac god was made with wood as a staff with human faces carved on either side and was put into achamber to keep it safe, the oracle chamber. M & R of Inca, p. 68
Many pilgrims from all over the world get prophecies, advice, or look for “supernatural intervention.” Early Horizon, p. 1
The Indiansthought that the God Pachacamac could control earth tremors and earthquakes when he was angry, so the gave him sacrifices to make sure he was happy. Pach. y Senor, p. 349

The Lima Culture foundedPachacamac and probably the first temple in Pachacamac. Pach. Temple, p. 184
and the site becomes the most religious city of the andes

3.What were the roles of women in the Pre-Incan Pachacamac?
Aschildren, girls were chosen and sent to Acllahuasi, the main building in Pachacamac to help the community by making food, clothing, and if they were lucky enough, they were sacrificed to their god asa sign of their appreciation for all he has given them.
The girls were given as a tribute to their ruler but sometimes their parents would give them to the state to be noble. Los Acllahuasis.
TheAcllahuasis were not convents, they were textile factories where the young women were sent to work to help the state. Los Acllahuasis.
The instructors for weaving were called, “Las Mamaconas”, or“Old Acllas” and they taught the girls that were most dedicated by dividing them into dryers, spinners, and weavers. Los Acllahuasis.
The girls were taught how to cook and weave, and made a drink calledchicha that was served at ceremonial meals. Los Acllahuasis.
The young girls were chosen by functionaries called, “Apo Panacas” and taken to either the House of the Chosen or the Acllahuasi....
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