Pages full of you

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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Pages full of you

Alcoholic and men with problems of depression anxiety and drug addiction, and emotional problems that you want to join together to solve their common problems and to aid their colleagues who suffer to recover from this ancient and puzzling disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression, are welcome to this group, there are "Twelve steps" and "12 traditions" in pagesfull of you. It provides a clear statement of the principles by which members are recovered. and that their society works. It is not necessary that every Member is alcoholic or dependent, this group is for helping people more fences you and that you want to overcome this habit so harmful in our days.

The twelve steps of pages full of you are a set of principles of spiritual nature which, ifadopted as a way of life, may be released to the sick of the obsession by drink and transform him into a full, useful and happy...

The twelve traditions of pages full of you. apply to the life of the community itself itself. Summary the means by which pages full of you maintains its unity and relates to the world to his around, the way in which lives and develops.
Although the following trialswere mainly directed to members, many friends of pages full of you believe that they can arouse interest have application outside the community.

Many people, non-alcoholic, say that, as a result of practicing the twelve steps of Pages full of you have been able to face other hardships of life. They believe that the twelve steps can mean more than sobriety for drinkers problem. They regard themas a path towards a life happy and useful for many people, they are or are not alcoholic or with problems of depression.

There is also a growing interest in the twelve traditions of pages full of you.Those who are engaged in studying human relations begin to wonder how and why it works pages full of you as a society. How it is possible, they ask, that in pages full of you any member couldimpose his personal authority to another, and that there is nothing that looks like a central Government? How it is possible that a set of traditional principles, that do not have any legal force, can maintain the unity and effectiveness of the community of pages full of you? The second part, although aimed at members of pages full of you, offers first stakeholders a detailed and intimate perspectiveas helping people who want and love and do move away them from this evil that afflicts the world.

The basic principles of pages full of you, as they are today, were taken mostly from the fields of medicine and religion, although some of the ideas that had decisive importance for our success was taken as a result of observing the behavior of the community and give account of their needs.
Aftertests and skirmishing in search of the most achievable principles that could serve basis for society, and after many failures in our attempts to achieve that alcoholic drug addicts and people with emotional problems can recover following this simple program.​groups/180679162042441/

Pages full of you ( Paginas llenas de ti )​groups/180679162042441/

Pages full of you ( Paginas llenas de ti )

You live... with lack of faith, image distorted of God, low self-esteem, guilt, persistent sadness, poor communication, thoughts of rejection, anger, fear or guilt, disease or physical, low concentra.....

You live...

with lack of faith, image distorted of God, low self-esteem, guilt,persistent sadness, poor communication, thoughts of rejection, anger, fear or guilt, disease or physical, low concentration, difficulty sleeping, insomnia recurring, destructive behavior, despair, thought of failure, loss of interest, enjoy not what you do, lack of energy, consistent anger, evasion of reality.

Pages full of you is to help you


Pages full of you, is a group of men,...