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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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PAINTBALL, violence or SPORT

The twentieth century is known by many as the century of the sport since it was invented, developed and established the most physical activities like sports we know today. In the first half of the consolidated traditional sports like football, volleyball, basketball and some others were born as football, hockey and rugby. In the second half of this century breaks alittle with the traditional sport to be had. With this, different activities are beginning to emerge that differ among themselves and with the traditional sports but also involve different skills and physical training. This is how the so-called extreme sports are those in which the physical demand is crucial and also appears to be some risk to be done, for the conditions in which this ispracticed. Among the extreme sports that are currently practiced snowboarding, paragliding, surfing, motocross and paintball. Thanks apparently run the danger that some practitioners of these disciplines known as extreme, outside these sports usually referred to practitioners of these sports as risky, which is feasible. However, in some cases branded as violent, crazy and so on, thus it shows ignoranceagainst the true meaning of each of these sports. What I propose is evidenced by the fame that has paintball and those who practice it. The sport originated in 1981 in New Hampshire where he used a kind of guns that shoot balls of paint driven gas in order to mark cattle and trees. It was only a matter of time to play two friends to marry each other and thus created what was at first just a game.Currently considered to paintball as a sport, this is to eliminate the enemy team through the impact of a paintball that is fired through a gun or marker which drives the area using compressed air, this will leave a mark on the opponent states that it has been deleted. This sport has presented a huge growth and expansion globally, being practiced in over 40 countries. With this research, we soughtto investigate the reasons why this sport has grown both regionally, nationally and internationally despite the taboo over used "weapons" to play paintball-violence relationship, and finally because its practice should not be mistakenly linked violence or other clashes. All this in order to eliminate the stigma that you have about extreme sports and paintball specifically in countries experiencingarmed conflict as Colombia. Conducted research and consulted various sources to reach a conclusion that will be the thesis of this essay, this is the practice of paintball has grown in our city due to its practitioners and those new to the sport are aware that this practice is a sport which is not intended to mimic a war or armed conflict.

In order to establish the causes that led to thedevelopment of the growth of paintball in our city, interviews were professional players, we searched for data and statistics about the sport, we heard different views on violence in sport and analyzed behavior of professional and amateur players. All this was done with the intention of obtaining a view critical of what happens. It is very true that we live in a society with very high rates of violence,a society that faces an internal conflict of great magnitude that affects a significant part of the population and in which all people are prevented from any hint of same thing, this is the reason why paintball has a bad or negative image in some. Contrary to what many people think those who practice this sport do it as physical activity and discipline, this means that paintball players trainedby exercise and how to win level in their sport, what they are looking to stand out this is good condition and to get better. As one player said it interviewed during the investigation, "the packaging is vital we do what most gym at least 3 times per week coaches of paintball." In short those who practice sports at paintball and not see it as a recreational sport that is looking for high...
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