Paises y nacionalidades ingles

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1st Grade Unit 1: Personal Identification

Making trios

Italy French Mexico Chinese Canada Australian

Italian France Mexican China Canadian Australia

Brazil Spanish USA German EnglandJapanese

Brazilian Spain American Germany English Japan

DISEÑO La página está dividida en 4 columnas de 9 filas; las 6 primeras deben tener los nombres de los países y sus nacionalidades tal y comose ilustran; las últimas 6 filas tienen las banderas de estos mismos países. Toda la tabla tiene bordes punteados así como unas pequeñas tijeras en medio de la tabla y en la primera fila para indicarel corte.

ACTIVITY: Making trios TIME: 20 min AIM: To practise names and nationalities by means of a memory game LANGUAGE: Function 1.1 Introducing oneself and other people Vocabulary: Countriesand nationalities PROCEDURE Before class: Make one copy of the worksheet for every four to six students in the class and cut the cards up as indicated. In class: 1. Divide students into groups of fourto six students and ask them to sit in a circle (around a table, if possible; on the floor, if necessary) 2. Give each group a set of cards and ask them to place them face down the table/floor. 3.Explain to them they are going to play a memory game of countries, nationalities and flags. Make sure students understand they have to turn over three cards at a time in order to make trios instead ofpairs. Every time a student turns over three cards that belong together, he/she will keep them. The winner is the student who has the more trios at the end of the game. 4. Monitor the activity.Encourage students to read the cards aloud/say the name of the country as they turn them over. 5. Once students finish, have students write the countries and their nationalities on the board and raise thecorrect flag of the country mentioned in order to check the trios.
REFLECTION ON LANGUAGE: Students notice the use of the apostrophe to indicate contraction (e.g. I am Martha I’m Martha, etc.) and use...
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