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* Nationality: Pakistani
* Capital: Islamabad
* Population: 197 millions of inhabitants
* Language: Urdu and English
* Currency: Pakistani rupeeOne dollar is equal to 90.1595 PKR
One PKR is equal to .26 weights
* Tipical dish: Breakfast → Nashta – Eggs boiled, scrambled or fried with slicedbread.
Paratha – Flat bread with tea or lassi.
Qemma – Mincedmeat
Fresh seasonal fruit whit milk, honey, butter or jam.
Dried fruitCakes – Bakarkhani or rusks (biscuit)

Food → Curris that is a powder for meat or lentils with bread or
rice, sometimesaccompanied by cabbage.
Potatoes whit meat

Dinner → Haleem
Pulao – Race
Kofte – Minced meatKebabs – Grilled meat

* Traditions: Many cultural practices, monuments, holy places have been inherited from the government of Muslims.
The Pakistani dress is the shalwar kameez , isa loose pants and a long shirt as a tunic that reaches mid-thigh. Women will add to this a dupatta which is a loose muffler.
Education and family values ​​are regarded as sacred.
Northeastern Pakistan isconservative and dominated by tribal customs.
He is considered the most dangerous countries, although tourism is growing for its variety of places of interest among which are the ruins of...
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