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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2012
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One of the myths of our time is that Israel, before it was settled by the “alien” Jews and “stolen” from the Arabs as a result of “imperialist machinations,” was an independent statecalled “Palestine” whose majority residents were Moslem “Palestinians”. Unfortunately for those who would propagate such misinformation, the truth can be easily and historically seen.
Is a state that wasproclaimed in exile in Algiers on 15 November 1988, when the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) National Council (PNC) adopted the unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Independence. At thetime of the 1988 declaration, the PLO did not exercise control over any territory and its claimed territory remains under Israeli occupation.[5] It claims the Palestinian territories and has designatedJerusalem as the capital of Palestine.
The 1974 Arab League summit designated the PLO as the "sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and reaffirmed their right to establish anindependent state of urgency." The PLO has had observer status at the United Nations as a "non-state entity" since 22 November 1974, which entitles it to speak in the UN General Assembly but not to vote.After the Declaration of Independence, the UN General Assembly officially "acknowledged" the proclamation and voted to use the designation "Palestine" instead of "Palestine Liberation Organization"when referring to the Palestinian permanent observer.[9][10][11] In spite of this decision, the PLO does not participate at the UN in its capacity of the State of Palestine's government.[12] Since 1998,the PLO is arranged for seating in the UN General Assembly immediately after non-member states, and before all other observers.
In 1993, in the Oslo Accords, Israel acknowledged the PLO negotiatingteam as "representing the Palestinian people", in return for the PLO recognizing Israel's right to exist in peace, acceptance of UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, and its rejection of...
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